Edgar Swimming journey - 2

After a long 2 months breaks, his swimming program is back on track.

There is a change of his coarch. The former coarch has moved on to other venture unfortunately.
We would love to have him coarch Edgar further. But he has his own plan for now. Perhap in future we would reconnect Edgar with him again.
However, he has setup a good basic start for  the boy during that 4 months.

Now Edgar is with a new coarch who teaches in a different style. So far, he is adating well and his past lessons and knowledge had given him a  good start.
I love his discipline during lessons. He has picked up frog style in a couple of weeks. We were so glad to watch him swimming with it.
Meanwhile , he is encouraged to go for his 1st and 2nd stage test in late june. The coarch think he can swim well and is ready for it. So we shall see..It going to be his first lifetime test ourside school. That might be fun!

images of him doing the frog style...

mommy watching closely as he practise his backstroke


closing in with his freestyle

words of encouragement from mommy

he said over the soaks issue

We will compete wearing soaks every morning.
But this morning, he worn his soacks before me. And claimed he won. I asked" why aren't u wait for me. He said "I am faster".
So I replied "so are you not going to wait for me because i am old? He said " nooo i will"
I asked again" so when i am old.. would you wait for me?" ... He said" yes i will but now you are don't look old ...."

he said

holding his aeroplane model...he was flying it.... 
I asked him : "where is he flying to?
E: To japan .... "
he said.." papa what are you doing on the plane..
Me: oh i am drinking coffee and putting on headset while watching movie.. what movie do you have? "
E: " Chinese movie and no English movie! I have Japan movie"
Me: Japanese movie? Which movie is it?
Edgar came to my ear...whispered " Japan Hours"


waiting for the cleaner..

last sat afternoon.. he did what his mother has been doing before.  Hearing the cleaner was washing the corridor from the above units. He asked for a can of ginger beer to offer the cleaner. He waited for him to reach our unit. He sat there for 20mins till the cleaner arrived...

conversation yesterday morning...

Been hard on the boy recently..so while walking to the cp yesterday morning..i asked him
Me: Edgar..do you like papa after last night?
E:Yes ,i like papa. I love papa! errr sometime I don't like..
Me: why?
E: becos... you alway scold me..I don't like.. (swinging my hand)
...Me: hmm i did that cos you're wrong and misbehavoir
E: mm..ok i love papa .. papa love me!! pap love me????
Me: yes.. it for your good!

a bed side story

(In total darkness

Earlier while lying next to him as he was preparing  to sleep...his hand came over to my right arm...gently  he shook it and then he came close to my ear..whispering..
E.." papa you still have water?"
me: "yes,,,you need more?"
E: Yes..,,

think about it..it such a joy

(no subject)

It been a crazy busy month and thigns doesn't help when the boy has been sick for like 3 weeks! ..cough...flu...fever...cough and then flu

..now he is better....

So i shall be back here soon..